API – the “Essence” of the Drug

PT BRIGHTGENE – A Total Solution Provider
Developing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality and high-value pharmaceutical drug substance to partners across South East Asia from Indonesia.

Robust research and development foundation from BrightGene Bio-Technology with clear Technology Transfer roadmaps for each product and local implementation.

High-tech Barrier Intermediates

Provide Intermediates which are rare in the market, with cGMP certification
Provide API technology, and support customers in development and production of API

High End API

Provide API which are rare in the market, with cGMP certification,
Provide technology of FDF, support customer on registration and market launching


Developing mutually with Partners and share rights or profit sharing for FDF

Innovative And Generic Development

BrightGene Bio-Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has a robust research and development foundation and a clear Technology Transfer roadmap for each product and local implementation at PT BrightGene. The foundation is built on:


265 R&D People
40% of Workforce

Patent Application

305 applications (invention)
109 authorized
26 PCT Global Patents


12,000m² Lab Area
Over 120 HPLC

High Investment

Over 25% of Revenue every year